Areas of responsibility


Quality Management
"Quality and reliabilty are the gold currency of today and tomorrow." - unknown -

When it comes to medical technology , the quality must be right from start to finish. Therfore,we at TurnMillTec use our experience for highest quality standards to your complete satisfaction. Our company is certified according toDIN EN ISO 13485: 2016 (medical products), which clearly exceeds the DIN EN ISO 9001 ( general).

Through permanent development and adaptation to our and your quality requirements, we guarantee you a constant quality.

Quality inspections are carried out continuously during the production process and are fully documented.

We make use of the following technical aids:
• Optical measuring machine
• Video measuring microscope at a range from L 200mm x B 100mm x H 100mm

Validated cleaning
We have a validated cleaning system that delivers excellent results, which is of particular interest especially in the medical field. The cleaning system was tested by a renowned laboratory, which also confirms these results.

The laboratory results are for example
• Bioburden under 50 CFU/component
• Endotoxins (LAL) below 20 USP-EE/component

If you have further questions about the exact validation procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sterile packaging of your products
We are happy to offer you the additional service of sterile packaging. Our long-standing cooperation with partners known in the industry guarantees you a complete all-round service for you and your products!

Further areas of responsibility: